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2020 Support Literacy in Our Community

What does 2020 look like for Tulsa Pop Kids?

Well it's our most exciting year yet.

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis –
This year we will again be making multiple visits a month in superhero or princess cosplay. In addition to this, we have created packets for the hospital administration to hand out, that tells about the lending library we will have available for them and shares tools to get online and download kid friendly reading materials including comics. Can you believe it? We are starting a trial run with one floor, but if it goes well, it the lending library will expand to include all of the floors in the Children’s Hospital.

Tulsa Housing Authority –
Our involvement with this group really engages kids that could not normally afford comics. They have expanded from two to five locations this year. We will go and visit with the kids, but more importantly, establish a reading library using comics and graphic novels. If kids are excited to read, they will!

Youth Services of Tulsa –
This is a new partnership for us. Youth Services of Tulsa (YST) by the numbers:
• 379 youth stayed in YST’s Emergency Shelter.
• 110 previously homeless youth received housing in YST’s Transitional Living program
• 514 youth earned a dismissal of charges by participating in YST’s First Offender Program
• 561 youth and their Families received counseling from YST counselors
• 4,221+ youth completed PregNot courses
• 685 homeless youth received services at The Station, YST's Street Outreach facility We are working with YST to establish our first teen outreach which will provide literacy tools specifically designed for teens that come to need YST programs. This includes a reading library for them to continue to learn even during difficult episodes in their lives.

Movie Premieres –
We do not just "go to" movies, but when a new pop culture movie comes out, we will buy out a theater and bring in organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, or Tulsa Dream Center, etc. We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with B&B theaters to make this happen.

NEW OFFICE at Persimmon Hollow –

In 2020 we have been granted a unique opportunity at Persimmon Hollow. What EXACTLY it will look like is still in process, but we have some great plans. It’s basically like the Castle of Muskogee, but instead, please envision a western town at 71st and Garnett, back behind the Salvation Army. Built in the 60’s, Persimmon Hollow represents fond memories to many Tulsans. In addition to its history, it has a bunch of space for us to use. We have plans in 2020 to use it for:

• Small Pop Culture Event
• Open facility for organizations to meet that may need our help.
• It’s also a way for us to partner with many more groups
• Watch Parties for New or popular pop culture shows
• Tulsa’s Premium Christmas village-
Speaking of Christmas, we are partnering with Ben Sumner. He is the gentlemen whose house was filmed last year for the national Light Fight. He has joined us on putting a Christmas Light Extravaganza together. His show will air this fall, so there will be a lot of people looking to find out where he is.
The goal is to light up all the buildings, rent out the main hall after restoring it, as well as bring in animatronics, larger than life size statues, bonfires, and a ton of Christmas Cheer. The goal is for this to be the new Dry Gulch in the Tulsa Area. According to his numbers, at a minimal number of 600 people per evening, this should easily bring in over 15,000 people through the Christmas season.
Our goal is to have a new place for Tulsans to come for Christmas, and a new source of donations for Tulsa Pop Kids.